RegMAS Screenshots



v. 1.1.0
Simulation of the Health Check scenario, 2015
Agricultural land abandonment.

v. 0.9.3 (RC3)
Space-saving GUI redesign.
New zoom/pan capability.
New cross-layer pixel information area.

v. 0.6.1
The first RegMAS spatial results in the default scenario (still uncalibrated and based on old data).

v. 0.5.1
RegMAS running on Windows Vista in subregion mode. It shows the completed model tree viever, some farmers leaving the agricultural sector and a new layer, the digital terrain model.

v. 0.4
We add "linear programming" intelligence to the agents, and we teach them how to bid for plots (rental system).

v. 0.3
RegMAS running on Linux. The initial land allocation is now completed so that we can plot farmers and their fields on the map.

v. 0.2
RegMAS running on Linux. This is the fist version using the Qt GUI