Developer info

Thank you for your interest in RegMAS !

RegMAS is free software. You can (and you are invited to) use it, copy it and make modifications to improve or correct it according to your needs.
As RegMAS is developed by people with backgrounds on economics and passion on computer coding, it is far from being an elegant, well-coded program.
Any suggestion to improve it or to better “code” it is very welcome !

There is an on-line version of the documentation automatically extracted from the source code of the latest snaphot.

Download and install the source code

Refer to the download source code for directions on how to obtain and compile RegMAS

Download and install developer tools

Linux developers

Linux is currently the main platform for developing RegMAS (to be precise, I use the latest version of Debian and Ubuntu).

As IDE, I am using Kdevelop and a Kdevelop project file is included in the SVN, but you can use whatsoever IDE you prefer (or, if you are crude and pure, vim or emacs or nano…).

If you want to debug the source code, don't forget to install the C++ and Qt debugging libraries, currently on Debian etch libstdc++6-X.Y-dbg and libqt4-debug.

Windows developers

To develop RegMAS on Windows you have three alternatives: use Dev-C++, Eclipse or just a simple text editor (e.g. Notepad++) 1).

If you want to debug your code, you need to compile the Qt debugging libraries (Start→Programs→Qt→Qt 4.x.x Build Debug Library ) and launch the the make debug command.

Once the Qt and the RegMAS code is compiled at least once with debugging information you can click on project to open Dev-C++ and play with the code.

If you add some source files to the model (e.g. you make a new class), add them also in the src\ file.

Develop RegMAS in Eclipse under Windows

  1. Get the source code
  2. Download the source code
  3. Download qt-win-opensource-4.X.X-mingw.exe and install it together with the MinGW compiler (check the corresponding box)
  4. Compile the Qt debugging libraries (Start→Programs→Qt→Qt 4.x.x Build Debug Library ) and go to lunch/dinner/sleep
  5. Download and install Eclipse in its “classical” version
  6. Within Eclipse, go to TODO and install the TODO C++ plugin
  7. Download the Qt Eclipse Integration plugin, exit Eclipse and install it.
  8. [TODO]Go to import, select Qt project and browse for the file within the source code.
  9. [TODO] Fill the Qt integration options

Mac developers

Sorry, I don't have any experience on the Macintosh.

Hovewer, all the underlying libraries compile on Macintosh and RegMAS is written in standard C++, so Mac porting should be straight-forward.

If you are successful in compiling it on the Macintosh, let me know it.

1) The CVS repository includes a Dev-C++ project file for those that want use Dev-C++ to develop and build RegMAS on Windows.
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