Download & Install (source code)

System requirements

What do I need ?

(program libraries)

  • a pc with Linux or Windows (porting to Mac should be easy)
  • a C++ compiler and compiler tools (only tested with GCC)
  • GLPK (v. >= 4.19), a GPL linear programming solver1)2)
  • Qt, a multiplatform C++ GUI framework 3)
  • OpenOffice, an Office suite (optional, to use the shipped example data and convert them in XML)

(model data, to apply RegMAS over your own region)

  • single farm FADN records
  • aggregated regional statistics (usually from census)
  • technical coefficients
  • Corine Land Cover maps

Obtaining regmas (download)

To download the source code:

To download third party tools:

  • Download the missing components as specified in the “System requirements” section


To compile and run RegMAS (Linux):

 cd regmas
 qmake (or qmake-qt4 on some Linux distros)

To compile and run RegMAS (Windows):
Open the Qt Command Prompt from the Start Menu→ Programs → Qt
Browse to the directory you downloaded RegMAS

 make release
1) If Glpk is compiled with GNU MP (GNU multiple precision arithmetic library) enabled the model run much faster
2) A precompiled, GMP enabled, version of glpk for windows is already provided in the CVS
3) Windows users: downloading version qt-win-opensource-4.2.x-mingw.exe is enough. The installation asks you if you already have a MinGW C++ compiler (e.g. those shipped with Dev-C++), otherwise it is downloaded automatically.
Linux users: Please check that you have the libqt4.x.x-dev package installed.
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